Delicious German Foods that you Should try

Foods to try when in Germany

One of the ways to fully enjoy a culture is to try out their food. It often comes as a big surprise for most people that Germany has amazing foods. To ensure you get the full German experience, here are some of the meals you should try out when in the country.


If you love fast food, then you need to ensure you try out this dish. It is famous in Berlin because of how easy it is to find. While you might think you have had a version of this, nothing prepares you for the original German combination. The dish comes with a plate of chips, sausage, and spicy ketchup.  It is the perfect combination with a couple of pilsners, so ensure you order it when you are around.

Brot & Brötchen

Most meals in Germany include bread so this is definitely a staple in most of Germany. The meal can be a small loaf (brot) or a crusty role (Brotchen). You can pair it up as you wish since it goes with most meals in the country.


The pasta dish is common in southwest Germany. It is made from layering pasta with a grated cheese topping and fried onion. There are times when it can be served with applesauce.  If you are from the United States, then you might actually find this dish to have more depth than macaroni and cheese.


If you love to recreate leftover meals, then this should be your go-to. It is made with leftover potatoes that are fried until brown, then topped off with onions and bacon.


The dish is a combination of different cultures from Germany, Austria and Italian cuisine. The combination led to a slice of tender pork coated with breadcrumbs.  There is also a variation made from either turkey or chicken. You can also choose the sauce you want to eat it with.


The meals is cindered a main in Germany and consists of pickles and bacon wrapped in thin slices of beef or veal.  The meal can be served with dumplings, cabbage, mashed potatoes, or gravy. Roladen is the perfect holiday meal when families come together. 


If you love one pot meals, then this will definitely tickle your fancy. It consists of a broth, vegetables, potatoes, and meat. You can also add in pulses like lentils and serve them with the brot bread. The best thing about these meals is how easy it is for one to make it. It is also the perfect comfort meal during the winter, as it will warm you up inside.


The word sauerbraten translates to sour roast.  The meat is pickled to give it a sour taste in a gravy-like sauce.  You can either use pork, veal or beef for the pickling. To get the best results, it is recommended that you pickle it for a couple of weeks or even months. You can find it throughout Germany and in any country that speaks German.


Loosely translated, brezel is a pretzel in Germany. It is made from soft rolled dough and is sold in most market stalls.  The pretzel has a chewy center and a crispy brown exterior. It can be flavored with salt, cheese, or seeds. Even though its origin is unknown, it is a favorite during Christmas holidays.


If you love a fish sandwich, the Fischbrötche is what you need to get.  The fish used in the sandwich is pickled herring, but you can also find variations with shrimp, crab, or salmon. It is finished off with dried onions, remoulade sauce and pickles.


Even though pizza wouldn’t be the first thing you think about when it comes to Germany,. Flammkuchen is, however, putting Germany on the pizza map. The pizza is smoky, crispy, and salty, with a thin crust.  In place of the tomato base, the dough is covered in crème fraiche and topped with bacon and caramelized onions.

Germany is full of amazing culture, and the food is just one aspect of the amazing culture. If you love food, then ensure you try out the meals above. They not only feel good but also have an amazing flavor profile.  Check them out the next time you are in Germany.

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