Food Services Supervisor job in Ontario, Canada paying $19 | Apply from Abroad or in Canada

Let’s pack our bags and move to Ontario, Canada, to work as food service supervisors and earn $19 an hour to start. Depending on the employer, you will receive a salary increment every six or twelve months, and if lucky, more benefits will be extended to you. If you are a food lover, you love cooking besides eating, you are open to learning, and most importantly, you are ready to move to Canada if you are applying from outside Canada, then, by all means, this job is for you.

In your role as the food services supervisor, you will manage four staff, but that could potentially change with time. You will work full-time, and the job is quite flexible since you get to choose your hours. Your exact location shall be in London, which is a Canadian city in Southwestern Ontario, North of the USA border, and Lake Erie. There is a lot to do in London, but more information will be shared in another blog specific to London.

This job requires that you start work as soon as possible. You should be a fluent English speaker, have a high school certificate or diploma, and if you have a certificate in food production, that is an advantage to you but not mandatory. You will, of course, work in a restaurant, and your responsibilities will include, but not limited to:

Addressing customer complaints and concerns, making sure that food and services are of the highest quality possible, training staff in their job duties and restaurant safety measures, preparing work schedules, coming up with budgets and cost estimates, maintaining sales records, managing supplies and meal preparations, and coming up with strategies to meet work schedules, among other things,.

To succeed in this job, you need to be client-focused, a good listener, great at resolving conflict, efficient with interpersonal skills, and a team player. Your benefits will include health benefits and a free parking space. More benefits will be discussed during the interview.

Who can apply for this job?

Please feel free to apply for this job if you are a Canadian, a Canadian permanent resident, a Canadian temporary resident, or if you are currently residing outside Canada and do not have work authorization to work in Canada.

As always, make sure that you have your police clearance certificate readily available and a valid drivers license. I do not need to mention a passport because you will definitely need one to travel, right? If you already have a drivers license and are applying for this job from abroad, try and get the international drivers license, which will allow you to start driving in Canada while you wait for your Canadian drivers license to be ready.

If you are applying for this job while abroad, you may see a warning like what is shown below. Do not worry about it, click on close, then click on the return button as shown by the red arrow on the second image. You should now be able to apply for the job.

Interested? Apply here.

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