How to cut down Expenses and save Money

Saving money is one of the things that I have really struggled with in life. It took me many years to come back to my senses and figure out strategies that I could use to save my hard-earned cash. In this blog, we talk about strategies that you can use, irrespective of where you are in life financially, to save a little something.


Having some entertainment system at home is great, so we subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and the like, which is absolutely okay. However, paying monthly subscriptions for services that we do not use is not necessary. If you like watching movies and shows, consider choosing between Netflix and Hulu; you may subscribe to both for one month. Get a feel for both and choose the one that you prefer, after which you cancel the other. It is almost impossible to work and still keep watching TV for many hours. Even if you have children at home, agree as a family and choose between Netflix and Hulu, then pay for only one. For any subscription that you are not using, make sure you cancel it. For instance, how often do you purchase items on Amazon? If not too often, then you do not need to subscribe to Amazon Prime. $15 per month may sound minimal, but in the long run, it adds up significantly.


Choose where to buy your groceries because all the shopping outlets differ in price. Target is obviously more expensive than Walmart for shoppers in America, and Whole Foods is even more expensive than anywhere else. Everything sold at Whole Food is organic and very expensive, however, you may get the same products at Shoprite, also organic, at a lower price. Consider buying what you actually need and avoid buying in excess because you will end up throwing food away and losing money. If you buy just enough, a significant amount of money will be saved because there will be no waste.

Holiday Destinations

We all work hard and for many hours most of the time since everything is literally too expensive. Our bodies get tired, actually, we get tired physically, and we generally get fatigued. This basically means that to be at our best, we need to go away on vacation to rest with friends and family. How often you travel in a year depends on how much free time you can afford. If you are employed, you may only have one month in a year. If you are self-employed, you may choose to take more time away from work if you can afford it. Choose destinations that you can afford and stay at for the whole duration of your holiday. Consider staying in an Airbnb instead of a five- or seven-star hotel. You will still have fun and save money in the process. If you choose to stay in a hotel, have some meals away from the hotel, as that will save you money too. Hotels charge more compared to eating out in a restaurant.


We are living in the age of technology and social media, where fashion is a big deal. There are people you will see on Instagram every day, and you will never see them wear the same clothing twice. They wear it once and either give it away or sell it. I came to realise that there are outlets that lend customers clothes, use them, and then return them after they are done. But if you do not know this and you have the need to belong, you will find yourself shopping almost every week just to keep up with the trends. Borrowing money from the outlets on a regular basis will eventually cost more. Consider buying high-quality clothes that you can use for a long time. When buying clothes, just buy high-quality and enough that you need. You can keep combining pieces together and get different new looks while still looking great. Do not get carried away with the trends, always go for what works for you.

Eating Out

Eating out is not bad; I mean, I like eating out too. Sometimes you just want to eat food that someone else prepared. However, eating out should not be an every-day thing. Instead of eating out every day, try eating out once or twice every week to save some money. The restaurants you go to will also make a difference; for instance, high-end restaurants will definitely take more of your money. If eating out with friends, share the bills. Do not be the only one who pays for everything.


I understand that sometimes you just want to go to the movies, but the question is, do you really have to watch every movie when it is released? You can wait until the movie starts showing on Netflix and watch it. Now I feel like I am being too frugal, but that is just what it is. We are trying to save some money here.


The cost of living is very high—actually extremely high and houses have become super expensive. If you are renting, consider living in an area that is safe and affordable. You may also rent out the room that you are not using if you are living in a big house. If you can afford to buy a house, please do not waste time. Buy a house, and depending on what you get, you may rent out extra rooms. Renting out extra rooms will help with the mortgage payments.

Impulse Purchases

Companies and businesses have come up with some very strategic ways of marketing their products. Nowadays, I watch a commercial, and it looks more like a movie. You go shopping at Shoprite, and the way things are displayed, you just find yourself throwing things in your cart. To avoid this, make a list of the things you need and never look at anything else when shopping. Target to buy the items on your shopping list and walk out. If you want to buy in bulk and save money, go shop at Costo near you.

Mobile Phone

You must never fall for the pressure of buying every new iPhone or Android as soon as it is released on the market. The difference is usually very minimal compared to the previous model. Use the same phone for a minimum of three years before you buy a new one. And for the phone plans, if you are not in business or use your phone too much, subscribe for the cheapest rate. But if you are, for instance, a content creator and you use your phone for business, then you can go for a hire price as long as you are getting returns from your business.

Lighting at Home

Switch off the lights that you are not using at home to lower your energy costs. Use the light when you are in the room, and switch it off as soon as you leave. Ask everyone in your household to do the same and see the cost of electricity get lower.


It is almost impossible to survive without a car, especially if you work late at night. When buying a car, consider buying it cash, and if not, conduct some research and ensure that you get the best rates possible. Buy the gap insurance from your insurance company rather than from the car dealer who is buying a car on a payment plan. As soon as what you owe on the car becomes less than the value of the car, cancel the gap insurance and get your refund as soon as possible. When making payments, pay extra so you finish with the car payments early. Do not buy a car that is too old; it will become too expensive since you will need to use the mechanics all the time.


Take care of your health, exercise, eat healthy, rest, and ensure that you sleep well. Keep up-to-date with your annual medical checks to make sure that everything is okay. Medical bills can be extremely expensive, so you want to do everything within your capacity to stay healthy. Buy quality medical insurance to cover yourself just in case of anything unexpected.

The Generous Giver

Oh well, the Bible says that the hand that gives receives, but it does not say that you should give everything that you have and every dollar that you earn. Listen, you will go hungry!

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