How to Make Money as a Stay Home Mom

As a mother, especially if you have young children who have not started school yet, it can be very rewarding to have the opportunity to stay home and take care of your family full-time. However, even if your husband is doing well financially, financial constraints will push you to think and come up with ways that you can use to bring in some extra income for the family. With the current trends, things are becoming more expensive by the day, and therefore, both spouses are compelled to work to support each other. It is unbelievably harder for single moms who must take care of their children and manage all the household bills. In this blog, we talk about how you can make money as a stay home mom.


Starting a YouTube channel is one of the easiest things you can do to make money, and you do not need money to start a YouTube channel. All you need is a phone and a $20 microphone that you can buy from Amazon, and you are good to go. In the beginning, you can start without a microphone if you don’t have one, just make videos, post them, and improve the quality of your videos as you post them.

There are numerous niches to choose from, for instance, lifestyle, finance, beauty, and cooking. If you choose to cook, you will never run out of content because you cook every day anyway, and all you need to do is record all your cooking activities. Lifestyle is equally nice, but you may easily burn out because you have to record yourself all the time and you have to decide whether to include your entire family or not. However, it does not really matter which niche you pick since you can always hire the services of video editors whenever you start feeling overwhelmed.

To start earning on YouTube, you need one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of public watch time within twelve months from when you posted your first video. Once you reach the required threshold, you will start earning from your videos. As a creator on YouTube, you will earn money according to how much effort you put in; more videos equal more money, and the niche you choose will also make a significant difference.

Baby Sitter

It takes time to get to know your neighbors, but if you have young children, you will get to know most of your neighbors in a very short time. As your children step out to play, they will mingle with other children, and their parents will be around to supervise them. Somehow, you will naturally make friends with the parents of your children’s friends because these children are going to request sleepovers, and they will invite their friends home for play dates. Additionally, their friends will invite your children over for play dates. In this case, you may let other parents know that you are a stay-at-home mom and that you are open to taking care of their children while they are away. You will have one child, then the next, and the next will tell the next, and before you know it, you have a fully fledged business running.


If you are good at typing or editing videos, you can take up jobs on Upwork and work for other people. All you need to do is register your profile on Upwork, take the test, and when you get accepted, you can start working on projects for clients at a reasonable fee. How much money you can make as a freelancer depends on how much or how many projects you complete.

Virtual Assistant

There are many companies offering online jobs for virtual assistance. Thousands of companies do not have actual offices, and they operate online. You may send your application to these companies, negotiate your salary, and start making some money while taking care of your children.

Social Media Manager

You can easily start making money from home by managing social media accounts for companies or individuals. Online personalities tend to be very busy all the time, do not hesitate to email an influencer that you like and request to manage their social media accounts. When sending out requests, to at least five people, email them, Out of five, you will probably get a response from three, and out of three, you will get an offer from two. You may decide to work for the two or choose one, however, be careful not to take up more than you can handle. You can be a social media manager for big organizations too, all you need to do is send in an application and be ready to send in evidence that you can indeed get the work done.

Affiliate Marketing

Start making money from home by marketing products that you like online and getting a commission out of every sale. In affiliate marketing, you will have your own special link that you will use to promote the products. If a client clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission. Once your affiliate link is ready, you may use the power of social media to market the products and make money while asleep. To make the most out of affiliate marketing, conduct your research and promote products that people buy the most.

Web Designer

You may practice making a website, take a short course if you need to sharpen your skills. Make one or two websites for close friends, and when confident, start promoting your services as a website designer. Make quality websites for your clients and make money in the comfort of your own home while enjoying spending time with your family.

Selling Old Clothes and shoes

We all love fashion, and there is always something new on the market. We find ourselves buying new clothes during winter, new clothes during summer, new fashion in the spring, and adding on to what we have, every season. We find ourselves with too many clothes and shoes, most of which we do not even wear. I have a few pieces of clothing that have never been worn and a couple of shoes just sitting in my wardrobe. Remove all the clothes and shoes that you are not using and keep only what you need, sell everything else and make money. This could potentially be the beginning of your new business in the fashion industry.


Start making money as a stay-at-home mom by creating your own recipes and selling them online. You may come up with a book and sell it on Amazon, and this will earn you some passive income for a very long time. You may choose to start a Facebook page, share recipes, make videos, and, as you grow your followers, direct them to your ebook and generate sales from that. Making money from home has never been this easy. Thanks to the power of social media and the internet.


If you have a passion for a particular area, you may as well start making money by writing about it. If you like coming up with new creative recipes, write about them, take pictures, and post them on your website. As a stay-at-home mom and blogger, you may even have a lifestyle blog and make money living life by sharing your life with your readers. How amazing is that? There is also the option of writing blogs for other bloggers. The options are many, however, in the world of blogging, you will earn more returns when you create your own blog. Having your own blog will give you much-needed freedom because you will decide when to work and when not to work. If you are blogging for someone else, you must keep up with the deadlines. However, you make money regardless, just blog and earn some money.

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