How to Navigate your Way Around Germany

How to move around in Germany 

One of the ways to ensure that you have the full German experience is to figure out how you plan on moving around. Public transport in Germany is considered one of the most reliable systems in the world and if you want to save on cost, you might consider using it. The only thing to keep in mind is that it can get confusing trying to figure out what system works for you and how to navigate. Here are the three main ways you can move around Germany:

The train

Using the train is a reliable way for you to get around Germany. It connects you to different areas in the country and is run by a government body. If you want to take the scenic route around Germany, then using a train is how you go about it. 

If you are a student under the age of 27, you can get amazing discounts on train ticket prices. You can also get a group ticket and pay with your friends, which is way cheaper. If you plan on using the train frequently, then you can always get a Bahncard, which at times gets you up to 50% off your rides.

The tram

Another way to get around Germany is through the tram system. It has various stops in different cities and is affordable as well. To avoid getting lost, ensure you know what route you are taking and the different stops.  You can get the details of the stops on the trams website.

Tram tickets can be bought before you board. Always have your ticket with you because there are tram inspectors on board. It is also vital to remember tram etiquette, like respecting quiet spaces and giving up your seat for the elderly or disabled.

The bus

Buses are a cost-effective way for you to get around the city or even between states. Most buses have a timetable so ensure you familiarize yourself with it. You can get the timetable online, on the bus app or at the bus stop. Knowing the times the buses arrive will come in handy when you need to get from one place to another.

Bus tickets can be bought at convenience stores or at vending machines at the train station. You can also pay with card or cash. There are options of getting a daily ticket, weekly ticket, or even monthly ticket. The type of ticket you get will serve you for a specific route so always ensure you get a ticket that covers the areas you frequent.

 It is also vital to note that bus schedules change on the weekend and during holidays. Knowing this helps you plan out your activities better.

Transport etiquette in Germany

To ensure that you have a pleasant transport experience in Germany, there are a couple of rules you should follow. They help ensure that you do not get lost and that you are not frustrated with the transport system. 

  • Be there on time. No matter what transport means you choose, ensure you get here in time. There is no waiting period, and the bus, tram or train will leave when it is meant to.
  • Know the timetable. Different transport options have different schedules so make sure you do not confuse either.
  • Be courteous. Always follow all the rules and regulations when getting public transportation. Stand in line, do not board before everyone alights and avoid speaking loudly on your phone.

Navigating Germany is a simple thing to do if you use the right transport method. The tips above will ensure you get to where you need to go without hassle. 

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