Official Holidays Celebrated in Germany every year

Holidays in Germany 

Germany takes pride in its rich history and takes time to celebrate notable dates. If you are in the country, then it helps to know which holidays to look forward to. There are nine main holidays you will enjoy if you are in Germany. Knowing about them will come in handy when planning out breaks or parties.

Types of holidays in Germany

There are several types of holidays in Germany and it helps if you know what they are:

  1. German public holidays

Germany has nine public holidays. These are New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, Labor Day, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Christmas and Boxing Day. 

  1. German religious holiday

Since Germany is predominantly Christian, most of the religious holidays are observed around the country. Most places give off days on Easter, Pentecost and Christmas. 

  1. Cultural Holidays 

Since Germany has a rich cultural history, many people do celebrate these events. Oktoberfest is celebrated by many people around the country. There are also festivals, like Karneval, that are celebrated in some regions. 

  1. Informal Holidays 

Here are some of the informal holidays that are celebrated in Germany

  • Karneval
  • Manifest (Mayfest)
  • Vatertag(similar to Ascension day)
  • Muttertag (Mother’s Day)
  • Oktoberfest
  • Martinstag (St. Martin’s Day)

List of Holidays in 2024

DateHolidayLocal name
January 1New Year’s DayNeujahr
January 6Three Kings DayHeilige Drei Könige
March 8Women’s DayFrauentag
March 29Good FridayKarfreitag
March 31Easter SundayOstersonntag
April 1Easter MondayOstermontag
May 1Labour DayTag der Arbeit
May 9Ascension DayChristi Himmelfahrt
May 19WhitsundayPfingstsonntag
May 20WhitmondayPfingstmontag
May 30Corpus ChristiFronleichnam
August 15Assumption DayMariä Himmelfahrt
September 20World Children’s DayWeltkindertag
October 3German Unification DayTag der Deutschen Einheit
October 31Reformation DayReformationstag
November 1All Saints’ DayAllerheiligen
November 20Day of Repentance & PrayerBuß- und Bettag
December 25Christmas DayErster Weihnachtstag
December 26Boxing DayZweiter Weihnachtstag

How do public holidays work in Germany?

Public holidays in Germany are just like Sundays. You find most businesses closed and employees do get the day off. The celebrations of these holidays are dependent on where you work. There are also some states that have more holidays than others so you should familiarize yourself with the region you live in.

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