Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Hard-to-Fill Skills Pilot and how to Apply

The Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Hard to Fill Skills Pilot Programme is a critical initiative targeted at addressing labour shortages in key occupations across Saskatchewan, Canada. The pilot programme, launched to help the province’s economic growth and development, focuses on high-demand occupations where finding competent personnel locally is difficult.

The programme is intended to help recruit competent people from outside Saskatchewan to fill these vital positions. It concentrates on occupations where there is a clear need for workers but a scarcity of competent candidates in the province. In order to satisfy the demands of the labor market and sustain its economic growth, Saskatchewan aims to draw in skilled workers from across Canada and abroad.

One of the most notable aspects of the Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Hard to Fill Skills Pilot is its tailored approach. Rather than casting a wide net, the programme targets and prioritises shortage occupations for recruitment efforts. This targeted plan enables the province to more efficiently manage resources and streamline the immigration process for both employers and potential employees.

Employers in Saskatchewan who are unable to locate acceptable candidates for specific hard-to-fill positions in the province can apply to participate in the pilot programme. Once approved, they can seek competent candidates from outside Saskatchewan to fill these roles. The programme supports and guides both businesses and candidates throughout the recruitment and immigration processes, guaranteeing a smooth transfer for all parties concerned.

For qualified professionals looking to relocate to Saskatchewan, the pilot programme provides an opportunity to find work in occupations where their skills are in great demand. Candidates who participate in the programme can expect quicker processing of their immigration applications as well as access to services to help them assimilate into their new community.


This sub-category applies to intermediate and low-skilled individuals in suitable, high-demand occupations who:

Possess an offer to work in Saskatchewan.

Meet the criteria for the sub-category.

Intend to permanently reside in Saskatchewan.

Either six months (780 hours) of full-time (30+ hours per week) work experience with the employer who issued you the job approval letter, or at least one year of full-time work experience within the last three years (in your desired occupation or an approved related occupation). The work experience does not have to be consecutive in any situation.

Have a language score of at least 4 on the Canadian Language Benchmark (French or English). Some employers or regulators may request scores that are higher than CLB. 4.

Have finished secondary (high school) or higher education.

Nominations for NOC 73300 – Transport Truck Drivers will be conditional on providing documentation to the SINP that you have secured the necessary licencing and endorsements from Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) to maintain your candidature. The type of vehicle you use for the work will determine the licence and endorsements you require. You must produce proof of completion of Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) and a valid SGI Class 1A licence to drive power units, semi-trucks, and trucks with trailer(s) or vehicle(s) in tow when the gross vehicle weight of the towed unit(s) exceeds 4,600 kg. All other types of transport trucks will require a valid SGI Class 2A licence.

Have a SINP-approved offer for a permanent, full-time position in Saskatchewan. To show verification, you’ll need a valid SINP job approval letter from your employer.

The offer must be for one of the following occupations:

Who Is Not Eligible to Apply in the Hard-to-Fill Skills Sub-Category?

Refugee claimants in Canada who are seeking refugee status from the Government of Canada.

You might not be qualified if:

You did not provide the essential documentation when you submitted your application.
You were unable to verify that you intend to reside and work in Saskatchewan.
You and/or your representative purposefully misrepresented themselves in the application.

How To Apply

To apply for this pilot, you must have a job offer. To begin your search, go to Your employer is required to provide you with a SINP Job Approval Letter. Apply here

Also, please check that you:

Follow the rules for the Application Process.
Complete, scan, and submit all required documents.
Applications submitted with missing or untranslated documentation will be returned. If your application is returned, you will receive a letter and be invited to resubmit.

How to Apply online for the SINP:

Open an account.
Complete each section.
Scan and upload your completed paperwork and supporting documentation as a PDF. Save the originals for your records.
Save and submit your application online.

What You Should Know About Using Immigration Representatives
You are not required to engage an immigration representative or expert to apply for the SINP. If you decide to engage a representative, be sure they are a lawyer in Canada who is in good standing with a provincial law society or is licenced by the Saskatchewan government.

Overall, the Saskatchewan Skilled Worker Hard to Fill Skills Pilot programme is critical to alleviating labour shortages and boosting the province’s economy. By focusing on certain occupations and supporting the recruitment of qualified individuals from outside Saskatchewan, the programme aims to guarantee that businesses have the talent they require to prosper and that competent professionals have access to fulfilling job opportunities in the province.

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