Strategies for employment in Germany: How to Get a Job in Germany

Germany is currently boasting a vibrant job market and is hiring people from all around the world. If you have been thinking of moving to Germany for work, then this is a good time to do so. The only thing you need to remember is that, just like in every job market, there are so many people applying to the same positions. As such, you might end up unlucky, no matter how good or qualified you are. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to ensure that your job search in Germany is successful.  Here are some helpful tips:

Do your research

Before you start applying for a job in Germany, it is vital that you do your research on the job market. Figure out if your certificates can be used in Germany, what the language skills are, as well as the relevant work experience the role requires. Fields like engineering, IT, science, skilled trade, and healthcare are the most lucrative. As such, if you have the necessary skills in these fields, you stand a higher chance of getting employed.

 Visa requirements

If you are from a non-EU country, then you will need a visa to go work in Germany.  Ensure you get the right visa so your job search will not be in vain. There are companies that might help hasten the visa process but this is not a guarantee. It therefore helps if you can figure out your visa issue before you start the job hunting process.

Only apply to jobs you qualify for

Since there are so many job opportunities, you might be tempted to apply for all of them. Doing this is counterproductive since you will get so many rejections, which will be disheartening.  To help deal with this, ensure that you narrow down your searches and only apply to jobs where there is a high probability of being hired. Double check to ensure that you have all the requirements before you get started on the application.

Diversify your search

One thing you will notice about job boards is that they tend to display jobs in a certain class or location. If that is what you see on your end, then it means everyone else can see that too. The one way to give you a better chance at getting a job is to change your search strategy. Look up jobs in other locations or companies that many people are not applying to. Doing so means that you reduce the competition, and increase the chances of your application getting accepted.

Grow a network with German employers

Apart from job boards, most recruiters are on platforms like LinkedIn. Connecting with these recruiters is a great way for you to interact with them and know when they are looking to hire again. It also gives you an insight on who your potential employers are and you get to know what will impress them with your application as well as your interview. 

Excel in your interview

One of the reasons why many people fail to get a job is how well they do in an interview. Whether the interview is online or on-site, ensure you show up prepared. Look up the different ways to impress recruiters and work on your confidence. Being able to sell yourself and your skillset is what will help you get that job. Take your time and research the company online, as that will help you impress when it comes to the interview.

The tips above will come in handy when searching for a job in Germany, since they have been tried and tested. Knowing what is expected of you and how to go about the job search will make a huge difference in your overall job search in the long run.

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