Earthquake Hits New York and New Jersey

A Strong earthquake hits New York and New Jersey this morning. The incident happened at approximately 10:23am People from Baltimore to the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border said they felt the ground tremble. While there were no initial indications of catastrophic damage, officials were inspecting bridges and other important infrastructure. Amtrak paused trains along the busy Northeast […]

Top Reasons why your America Visit Visa Application could be Denied

USA visitor visa denial

There are various reasons why a visitor visa application to the United States (also known as a B-1/B-2 visa) may be denied. While not an exhaustive list, these are some common causes that may result in your visa application being denied: Lack of links to your home country: The consular officer may be concerned that […]

An urgent Warning to Americans Visiting Columbia as Death Toll Rises

It seems like dating apps are doing more harm to Americans than good. In the most recent past, Americans have been visiting Columbia and using dating apps to connect with the locals in tourist destination areas. Dating applications have transformed how individuals connect and seek love connections in the digital age. These smartphone-based platforms have […]

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