Family Caregiver Jobs in Brampton pays $28 | Become a Canadian Permanent Resident

NOTE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSTED EVERYDAY HERE AT AKOT TV Mmhh, today the caregiver job opportunity is taking us all the way to Brampton, and the pay is great to start with, if you ask me. I mean, most jobs will start you off by paying $15 per hour, but these guys are offering $28 per hour, and so the overtime pay is obviously very comforting. You may hear people complaining about the pay, but let me tell you, I am an immigrant myself. Okay,  most of us are, if not all, and I got my masters at a UK university, the University of Notingham, to be specific. Sadly, all the jobs I got did not pay me anything close to what these guys are offering, the struggle was so real, and I decided to escape. I do not mind being called an immigrant and living well, rather than being a citizen and seeing something like $300 as magic. That is just me talking, let’s move on. I hope you have a valid driver’s license since it’s a requirement, whether an employer says it or not. Listen to this: as a caregiver, how are you going to buy groceries or how will you take the children to school? There is no standby driver waiting for you. It is too expensive, and the families will insist that you have a driver’s license before they hire you so they can save some money here and there. If you do not have a drivers license, please get one, and if you already have one and are applying from outside Canada, get the international drivers license. The international drivers license will allow you to start driving in the country while you wait for your Canadian drivers license. I am not saying you are sick or something, but I need you to check with your doctor, make sure you are healthy, and if there is an issue, a possible infection, sort it out before they send you for medical check up. Also, I hope that your passport has at least one year before it expires. It is going to be very unfortunate to get a job offer from a Canadian employer if you cannot travel before your passport is about to expire. Get your police clearance if you do not have one already. This is a must-have, but do not worry, I believe it takes about two weeks to get one. This job takes you to Brampton, Ontario, in Canada. You will work as a family caregiver, and the working hours are flexible, you choose when you want to work, for instance, in the morning, on call, night shifts, and so forth. You must have a university degree and have at least one year of work experience, and please note that fluency in English is a requirement. You will be given free accommodation, which you do not have to accept, you are allowed to live wherever you want. You will provide bedside companionship, buy groceries, prepare delicious and nutritious meals, administer medications, assist in feeding, clean the house, wash clothes, and provide personal care, among other things. The individuals include the elderly. You will work in a fast-paced, very demanding environment, standing for a long period of time and walking too. If you are an African and come from an African country, you can do this. I tell you, their version of hard work is usually nothing to us, we can do a lot more. You need to be client-focused, reliable, a team player, dependable, and punctual. People work in shifts over here, others have two or three jobs, and they work on strict time lines. If it is time to leave, it is time to leave. Delaying even five minutes means that they will never make it on time for their next job, so be punctual for the sake of everyone. Depending on when you see this job opportunity, if it is expired, do not worry; find another job here on our website, we post them in real time. If applying for this job opportunity while outside Canada, you may see the image below. Do not worry about it, just click on the CLOSE then see the next image below Click on the back button as shown above with the red arrow then you will be able to see the job and make the application. Interested! Apply Here. Good luck on this one, and let us know if you have any questions. This job is open for applications from anywhere in the world.

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