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You have most likely heard about the new Canadian caregiver pilot, which was launched a couple of days ago, depending on when you read this article. In case you have not heard about the new program, let me talk about it and then share one caregiver job opportunity that you may apply to if interested. Canada launched a new caregiver program that will give caregivers permanent resident status as soon as they land in Canada. To qualify for this program, you ought to have finished high school, have at least seven months of proven experience, and have a band 4 in the IELTS test. IELTS is an English test that you must take if you plan to relocate to Canada. However, if you are moving to Canada on a marriage basis, this is one test you may avoid. The IELTS test is normally done at British Council offices all over the world. To add to this, you must have a genuine job offer from a Canadian employer to qualify to be part of this new caregiver program. You journey to Canada may begin after you get a job and with that, lets talk about the caregiver job opportunity for this week. This week’s job opportunity will take you to Manitoba, which is a beautiful Canadian province and well-diversified. For this job opportunity, your starting salary will be $15 an hour and the hours are pretty flexible. You may work day shifts, overnight shifts, and weekend shifts. You need to be someone who is organized and highly organized. The benefits you will get from this job are great and include health insurance. Here is the link to apply for the job. If you are applying from outside Canada, you may see the image below, but do not worry about it. Click on the close button and see the following image:. Click on the return button as indicated by the red arrow, and you should be able to make your application. Your responsibility will include, but is not limited to, the following:

Strategies for employment in Germany: How to Get a Job in Germany

Germany is currently boasting a vibrant job market and is hiring people from all around the world. If you have been thinking of moving to Germany for work, then this is a good time to do so. The only thing you need to remember is that, just like in every job market, there are so many people applying to the same positions. As such, you might end up unlucky, no matter how good or qualified you are. There are, however, a couple of things you can do to ensure that your job search in Germany is successful.  Here are some helpful tips: Do your research Before you start applying for a job in Germany, it is vital that you do your research on the job market. Figure out if your certificates can be used in Germany, what the language skills are, as well as the relevant work experience the role requires. Fields like engineering, IT, science, skilled trade, and healthcare are the most lucrative. As such, if you have the necessary skills in these fields, you stand a higher chance of getting employed.  Visa requirements If you are from a non-EU country, then you will need a visa to go work in Germany.  Ensure you get the right visa so your job search will not be in vain. There are companies that might help hasten the visa process but this is not a guarantee. It therefore helps if you can figure out your visa issue before you start the job hunting process. Only apply to jobs you qualify for Since there are so many job opportunities, you might be tempted to apply for all of them. Doing this is counterproductive since you will get so many rejections, which will be disheartening.  To help deal with this, ensure that you narrow down your searches and only apply to jobs where there is a high probability of being hired. Double check to ensure that you have all the requirements before you get started on the application. Diversify your search One thing you will notice about job boards is that they tend to display jobs in a certain class or location. If that is what you see on your end, then it means everyone else can see that too. The one way to give you a better chance at getting a job is to change your search strategy. Look up jobs in other locations or companies that many people are not applying to. Doing so means that you reduce the competition, and increase the chances of your application getting accepted. Grow a network with German employers Apart from job boards, most recruiters are on platforms like LinkedIn. Connecting with these recruiters is a great way for you to interact with them and know when they are looking to hire again. It also gives you an insight on who your potential employers are and you get to know what will impress them with your application as well as your interview.  Excel in your interview One of the reasons why many people fail to get a job is how well they do in an interview. Whether the interview is online or on-site, ensure you show up prepared. Look up the different ways to impress recruiters and work on your confidence. Being able to sell yourself and your skillset is what will help you get that job. Take your time and research the company online, as that will help you impress when it comes to the interview. The tips above will come in handy when searching for a job in Germany, since they have been tried and tested. Knowing what is expected of you and how to go about the job search will make a huge difference in your overall job search in the long run.

Working in Canada as a Caregiver or Nanny! Is it worth it?

Working as a caregiver or governess in Canada can be gratifying and satisfying for a number of reasons. Here are some specific reasons why you should consider pursuing this opportunity: There is a growing demand for caregivers and caretakers in Canada due to the country’s aging population and rising parental labor force participation. This demand creates numerous employment opportunities for individuals in this field. The Canadian government has implemented programs and policies to facilitate the hiring of foreign caregivers and caretakers in response to the demand for their services. Competitive Wages and Benefits Canada offers competitive wages for caregivers and nannies, ensuring that your work is compensated reasonably. The provincial minimum wage varies, but it typically provides a reasonable standard of living. In addition, numerous employers offer additional benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and housing. Legal Protection Caregiver and nanny employees in Canada are protected by Canadian labor laws and regulations. These laws guarantee equitable treatment, including minimum wage standards, overtime pay, and protection from discrimination and harassment in the workplace. This legal protection contributes to a safe and secure workplace. Pathways to Permanent Residency One of the major benefits of working as a caregiver or governess in Canada is the possibility of obtaining permanent residency. Specific Canadian government programs, such as the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and the Home Support Worker Pilot, offer qualified caregivers and nannies a path to permanent residency. These programs enable you to work in Canada and, after meeting certain requirements, to apply for permanent residency, providing stability and long-term opportunities. Canada is widely recognized for its multiculturalism and diverse society. As a caregiver or caretaker, you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this culturally diverse environment, interact with people from diverse backgrounds, and learn different traditions and languages. It can be a rewarding and enlightening experience, broadening your horizons and nurturing personal development. In terms of quality of life, Canada consistently positions among the leading nations. The nation is well-known for its outstanding healthcare system, high educational standards, and safe communities. You can experience these benefits as a caregiver or nanny, ensuring a comfortable and secure lifestyle for yourself and your family. Working as a caregiver or nanny in Canada can provide opportunities for professional development and advancement. You may have access to training programs, seminars, or educational opportunities designed to improve your skills and knowledge in child care, early childhood education, and related fields. These experiences can contribute to your professional growth and enhance your employability over time. Community Support Canada’s community is supportive and welcoming, making it simpler to integrate into the local society. You can interact with other caregivers and nannies who have had comparable experiences, join social groups, and gain access to resources designed to aid foreign workers. During your time in Canada, this sense of community can alleviate melancholy and provide support. Work-Life Balance Canada’s labor laws and cultural norms reflect its importance of work-life balance. As a caregiver or caretaker in Canada, you can anticipate reasonable working hours and time off to pursue personal interests, spend time with family and friends, or explore the country’s breathtaking landscapes and recreational opportunities. In Conclusion Working as a caregiver or nanny in Canada offers numerous advantages, including high demand, competitive wages, legal protection, paths to permanent residency, a multicultural society, quality of life, professional development opportunities, a supportive community, and a healthy work-life balance. Consider investigating the options and possibilities available in Canada for a rewarding and prospective career as a caregiver or nanny.

Family Caregiver Jobs in Brampton pays $28 | Become a Canadian Permanent Resident

NOTE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSTED EVERYDAY HERE AT AKOT TV Mmhh, today the caregiver job opportunity is taking us all the way to Brampton, and the pay is great to start with, if you ask me. I mean, most jobs will start you off by paying $15 per hour, but these guys are offering $28 per hour, and so the overtime pay is obviously very comforting. You may hear people complaining about the pay, but let me tell you, I am an immigrant myself. Okay,  most of us are, if not all, and I got my masters at a UK university, the University of Notingham, to be specific. Sadly, all the jobs I got did not pay me anything close to what these guys are offering, the struggle was so real, and I decided to escape. I do not mind being called an immigrant and living well, rather than being a citizen and seeing something like $300 as magic. That is just me talking, let’s move on. I hope you have a valid driver’s license since it’s a requirement, whether an employer says it or not. Listen to this: as a caregiver, how are you going to buy groceries or how will you take the children to school? There is no standby driver waiting for you. It is too expensive, and the families will insist that you have a driver’s license before they hire you so they can save some money here and there. If you do not have a drivers license, please get one, and if you already have one and are applying from outside Canada, get the international drivers license. The international drivers license will allow you to start driving in the country while you wait for your Canadian drivers license. I am not saying you are sick or something, but I need you to check with your doctor, make sure you are healthy, and if there is an issue, a possible infection, sort it out before they send you for medical check up. Also, I hope that your passport has at least one year before it expires. It is going to be very unfortunate to get a job offer from a Canadian employer if you cannot travel before your passport is about to expire. Get your police clearance if you do not have one already. This is a must-have, but do not worry, I believe it takes about two weeks to get one. This job takes you to Brampton, Ontario, in Canada. You will work as a family caregiver, and the working hours are flexible, you choose when you want to work, for instance, in the morning, on call, night shifts, and so forth. You must have a university degree and have at least one year of work experience, and please note that fluency in English is a requirement. You will be given free accommodation, which you do not have to accept, you are allowed to live wherever you want. You will provide bedside companionship, buy groceries, prepare delicious and nutritious meals, administer medications, assist in feeding, clean the house, wash clothes, and provide personal care, among other things. The individuals include the elderly. You will work in a fast-paced, very demanding environment, standing for a long period of time and walking too. If you are an African and come from an African country, you can do this. I tell you, their version of hard work is usually nothing to us, we can do a lot more. You need to be client-focused, reliable, a team player, dependable, and punctual. People work in shifts over here, others have two or three jobs, and they work on strict time lines. If it is time to leave, it is time to leave. Delaying even five minutes means that they will never make it on time for their next job, so be punctual for the sake of everyone. Depending on when you see this job opportunity, if it is expired, do not worry; find another job here on our website, we post them in real time. If applying for this job opportunity while outside Canada, you may see the image below. Do not worry about it, just click on the CLOSE then see the next image below Click on the back button as shown above with the red arrow then you will be able to see the job and make the application. Interested! Apply Here. Good luck on this one, and let us know if you have any questions. This job is open for applications from anywhere in the world.

URGENT!!! Family Caregiver Job in Markham Ontario Pay $19ph to Start | Worldwide

NOTE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSTED EVERYDAY HERE AT AKOT TV Oh well, Canada still remains the top destination country for many immigrants from around the world. Canada is allegedly very safe, more welcoming to newcomers, diverse, and has a wealth of jobs and business opportunities for active dreamers. Also, Canada is just too beautiful, with lots of space to accommodate everyone, or the majority, if I may say so. Healthcare in Canada is great, but of course, the locals will always find something to complain about, especially with the long wait time. It is much better to wait and get the medical attention that you need than to wait and die waiting, right? The education system is great and free for school-going children. When you become a permanent resident, which you will definitely become if you apply for it, you can go back to university and study at a very affordable rate and of course, enjoy the numerous scholarship opportunities which will be available for you. As always, we have a new job opportunity, and this time, you get to work as a family caregiver in a private home. But before we get into it, please ensure that your resume and cover letter are done according to what the Canadian employers want—the official Canadian resume standards. Video links to help you with this are pinned at the bottom. Do not scroll to the bottom! just keep reading, you will get there, I promise. This time around, you are going to live in Markham, in Ontario, Canada. I know you know this, but let me just say that Canada is the country, Ontario is the province, and Markham is the city, or is it a town? When you find out, comment below and let me know. Thank you in advance. The employer’s name is Liljana Kalcovski, and she is looking for you. All the employer is asking for is that you are fluent in English, possess a high school diploma or certificate, depending on what you call it, and have a minimum of one year experience. Now listen, if you come from where I come from or from anywhere in the world, you have definitely gotten an opportunity to take care of someone in your family or even a friend. You have probably taken care of your younger sister or brother, your parents, grandparents, and perhaps some uncle somewhere. Write your resume and add this to it. There is something I want to add to it, but I cannot add it here. Send an email and I will give you more details or my colleague will. Our email address is available somewhere on this website; make use of it. The employer did not mention that you need to have a driver’s license in the job advertisement, but you will need one. It is almost impossible to survive in Canada without a driver’s license. If you are applying from outside and have your home country’s driver’s license, consider taking the international driver’s license; it will allow you to drive in Canada while you wait for your Canadian driver’s license. A smart phone is going to be very handy while driving; you will need to use the navigation to move around, right? Listen to this: you will be given free accommodation and food. Wait, it’s optional. If you want to live outside, that’s absolutely okay, but the employer will offer you a place to stay if you are interested. You will live in an urban area, so if you are allergic to rural settings, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your duties shall include, but not limited to, providing companionship, providing personal care, for instance, bathing and brushing the clients teeth and putting deodorant on them, administering medications, preparing meals according to the menu provided, taking the clients for a walk, washing their clothes, and cleaning the house. Also, you will take the clients to their doctor appointments and take them for rides or outings every once in a while. Kindly note that the clients are mostly adults with almost too many life stories to share. You will enjoy spending time with them. Okay, wait, enjoying will depend on your attitude towards the clients; just remember that the clients can feel your vibe. If you do not like them, they will serve you the same cup of tea. To succeed in this job, you need to be dependable, trustworthy,  and very organized. Let’s say that you need to be someone who is very patient. You need to have what I would love to call emotional intelligence. This is a full-time job, and you can start as soon as you get the job offer. If you are not sure how to write the Canadian resume watch this video and download the template from this website. If you want to check out how to write a Canadian cover letter, watch this video and we have samples on this website. If you would like to know when to use the word ‘faithfully on a cover letter, watch this video. If applying for this job opportunity while outside Canada, you may see a warning sign below. Do not worry about it, just click on the close and see the image below this image. Click on the back arrow as shown by the red arrow above and you will be able to see the job and make the application. Depending on when you see this job opportunity, if it is expired, do not worry; find another job here on our website; we post them in real time. Interested in this position? APPLY HERE.

Family Caregiver Job in Ontario Canada Pay $20 Negotiable | Worldwide🇺🇸🇻🇪🇺🇿🇺🇬🇦🇪🇹🇯🇸🇾🇻🇨🇰🇳🇸🇴🇸🇧🇬🇸

NOTE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSTED EVERYDAY HERE AT AKOT TV Canada Jobs Series Move to Canada as a family caregiver in Ontario, Canada, and earn $20 an hour (negotiable). Please not that you can apply for this job from wherever you are in the world. We are currently moving forward with our new series called “Canada Jobs Series,” where we bring you job opportunities in real time around Canada, most of them with visa sponsorship and open to international applicants. If you would like to watch the video version of this series, be sure to catch up with us at Akot TV on YouTube. The family caregiver job is now available and open for applications. You will be located in Thornhill, Ontario, the second-largest province in Ontario, which covers more than one million square kilometers. Wait!!! that is actually larger than France! Ontario is a great place for newcomers in Canada because it is quite diverse and you will meet people from all walks of life. Because of the larger population, there are also numerous employment opportunities in the province, and the cost of living is fairly manageable. Sandra Shemesh is the Canadian employer who is looking at hiring a family caregiver for her family. You only need to have a high school diploma, and you will be trained on the job. Like any other job requirement in Canada, you need to speak fluent English, be willing to relocate to Canada as soon as possible, and if you need to move with your family, that can always be discussed during the interview. You need to have a valid drivers license since you will need to keep up with doctor appointments and taking and dropping children off at school. You will also need to run family errands like going grocery shopping and dropping children off at sleepovers and parties. If you have a drivers license and are outside Canada, make sure you get the international drivers license, which will allow you to drive in Canada while you wait for your Canadian drivers license, which normally takes a couple of weeks to be ready. If you are not sure how to write the Canadian resume watch this video and download the template from this website. If you want to check out how to write a Canadian cover letter, watch this video and we have samples on this website. If you would like to know when to use the word ‘faithfully on a cover letter, watch this video. If applying for this job opportunity from outside Canada, you may see the warning below. Click on close then see the next image under this image. Click on the back arrow as shown by the red arrow above then you will be able to see the job opportunity and make the application. Depending on when you see this job opportunity, if it is expired, do not worry; find another job here on our website; we post them in real time. Interested in this position? APPLY HERE.

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