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NOTE: JOB OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSTED EVERYDAY HERE AT AKOT TV This time around, we are going to live in Edmonton, and we shall work as an administrative manager for a prestigious company in Canada. You have always envisioned a fantastic life in Canada, living in a beautiful country, enjoying good health benefits, your children getting high quality education, and your entire family finally enjoying a great quality of life. It is your time to experience all this and more. Starting a new job at $50 an hour simply means that you are set for beautiful things ahead, your growth will be fast, and if you use your resources right, you will have the world in your hands. You will have the privilege of taking your family on vacation and making investments both in Canada and in your home country that you never thought would be possible. This employer needs you to be a fluent English speaker, have one year or more of work experience that can be proven. That can be proven simply means, that you can obtain a genuine recommendation letter from your current or previous employer. In situations where your former employer needs to be contacted to get more information about you, he or she should be readily available to provide more information about you. Your potential employer expects you to prepare reports for the management committees, interview new staff and train them on the job, hire new staff, follow up on the regulatory compliance procedures as you control and direct corporate governance, supervise and direct staff engaged in providing records management, security, finance, purchasing, human resources, and other administrative services. If you would like to apply for this job and click on the link provided below, you may see a warning like the one shown below. Do not worry about it just click on the button which says close. Now look at the second image below Click on the back arrow as shown above, and you should be able to make the application. The link is provided at the bottom of this article. This job requires you to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized and accredited learning institution. Before you start looking for a job in Canada, ensure that you have a valid passport, and your passport should at least have one year before it expires. You need to have a drivers license, and if you have one from your home country, get the international drivers license, which will allow you to start driving immediately as you wait for your Canadian drivers licence. This job opportunity is ideal for those who are already in Canada. Interested! APPLY HERE Tell us your profession, and we will post more job opportunities for you.

How to Prepare yourself for Employment in Canada as a Foreigner

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Preparing for employment in Canada entails several critical measures that will boost your chances of finding work and thriving in the Canadian job market. Here are some key measures to consider: Research the Canadian Job Market: Begin by investigating the Canadian employment market to determine the demand for your skills and qualifications across provinces and locations. Assess your qualifications: Ensure that your qualifications and job experience are recognised in Canada. Certain professions and trades require certification or licencing. Investigate whether you need to update your qualifications to satisfy Canadian requirements. Obtain the necessary documentation. Before you start looking for jobs, make sure you have all of the necessary documentation, including your passport, visa, work permit, and any certificates or diplomas. Language proficiency: English and French are Canada’s official languages. Depending on the region and industry, fluency in either language may be required. If necessary, improve your language skills by enrolling in language courses or passing exams such as IELTS or CELPIP. Create a Canadian-style resume: Tailor your resume to Canadian requirements. Concentrate on your abilities, accomplishments, and relevant experience. Personal information such as age and marital status is often not included on Canadian resumes. Network: Create a professional network in Canada. Attend industry events, participate in online forums, and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Networking can help you find new career prospects and acquire insight into the job market. Investigate Employers: Investigate Canadian employers and firms that match your professional objectives. Visit their websites to learn about their principles and culture, then apply immediately through their career portals. Register on Job Search Websites: Use Canadian job search services such as Job Bank, LinkedIn, Indeed, and specialised job boards to look for work opportunities in your field. Prepare for interviews. Practice answering typical interview questions and knowing Canadian interview etiquette. Be prepared to talk about your qualifications and adaptability to the Canadian work climate. Understand the Canadian Work Culture: Familiarize yourself with the Canadian work culture, which values collaboration, timeliness, and a strong work ethic. Prepare for a diverse and inclusive work environment. Consider talking to a career counsellor, mentor, or immigration expert about your job search strategy, CV, and professional aspirations. Be flexible: If you require Canadian job experience, consider entry-level positions, contract labour, or internships. Once you’re established in the employment market, you can look for better opportunities. Adapt to the Canadian job market: Keep up with industry changes, technology, and market demands. Continuously improve your abilities to stay competitive in the Canadian work market. Understand Tax and Financial Matters: Familiarise yourself with the Canadian tax system, banking services, and laws. You may need to create a bank account and understand your tax responsibilities as an employee. Be patient. Finding work in a new nation can take time. Be patient, persistent, and positive throughout your job search.Remember that each province in Canada may have unique criteria and labour market conditions, so conduct a study and tailor your approach accordingly. Additionally, if you are considering coming to Canada, you may also speak with an immigration specialist to ensure you meet all legal requirements for working in the nation. It’s an open discussion, share your thoughts with us!

Top Highly Paying Jobs which are Always Available in Canada

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Canada has a wide range of well-paying jobs, which vary by area and industry. Let’s talk about some sectors and professions with a high need for workers and competitive salaries around Canada: Healthcare jobs, such as doctors, nurses, chemists, and healthcare administrators, are in high demand as the population ages. The healthcare industry provides competitive compensation and work stability. Information technology (IT) specialists, such as software developers, network engineers, and data scientists, are always in demand. Canada’s IT industry is thriving, especially in places such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Trades: Skilled workers such as electricians, plumbers, welders, and carpenters are constantly in demand to support building and infrastructure projects across the country. These positions can be well-paying and offer entry-level apprenticeship programmes. Engineering: Various engineering professions, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, have regular job vacancies, particularly in manufacturing, infrastructure development, and technology. Finance & Accounting: Canada’s financial sector, particularly in locations like Toronto and Vancouver, offers various chances for finance professionals such as accountants, financial analysts, and investment bankers. Energy Sector: The Canadian energy business, which includes oil and gas, renewable energy, and mining, frequently requires professional workers, engineers, and technicians. Education: Teachers and educators, particularly those with specialisations in high-demand topics such as science and mathematics, are in constant demand in Canada’s public and private school systems. Skilled Trades in the Cannabis Industry: As cannabis becomes legal, career opportunities in cultivation, processing, and distribution are increasing, including roles for growers, lab technicians, and quality control specialists. Transportation and Logistics: Given Canada’s large territory, jobs in transportation and logistics, such as truck drivers, pilots, and logistics coordinators, are always accessible. Sales and Marketing: Companies in a variety of industries are continually seeking sales and marketing specialists to promote their products and services. It is crucial to recognise that the work market changes over time and that there are geographical disparities. To get the most up-to-date information on work openings and pay in Canada, look into government labour market data, job search websites, and speak with local employment agencies or career counsellors. Furthermore, you should consider gaining the appropriate skills and certifications in your chosen industry to improve your employability and earning potential.

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