Reasons why people are leaving Germany every day

Reasons why people are leaving Germany If you plan on moving to Germany, then you might be surprised to learn that people are moving away from the country. Knowing the reasons behind the move should not scare you but rather help you figure out how to thrive in the country. Here are some of the […]

Top Tips on what to do if Visa Application is Denied

How to proceed if your visa is rejected without using immigration agents Getting your visa denied can seem like the end of your journey but it does not have to be so. There are so many different reasons why your visa might have been denied, but that does not mean you cannot get an approved […]

Official Holidays Celebrated in Germany every year

Holidays in Germany  Germany takes pride in its rich history and takes time to celebrate notable dates. If you are in the country, then it helps to know which holidays to look forward to. There are nine main holidays you will enjoy if you are in Germany. Knowing about them will come in handy when […]

How to Survive When Money Is Tight

How to Survive When Money Is Scarce During challenging financial times, it’s crucial to be proactive and strategic with your finances. Here are detailed strategies to help you navigate tight financial situations: Have  a Budget Track your income and expenses to identify areas where you can cut back and prioritize essential expenses such as housing, […]

How to Find the Best School for your Children in Germany

Did you know that homeschooling is considered illegal in Germany? If you are found homeschooling or, rather, choosing to keep a school going child at home, then you can be fined. For this reason, if you plan to relocate with a child, you have to ensure you enrol them in a school.  All children from […]

Fun Things to do in Germany as a Tourist

Fun things to do in Germany Even though there are detailed documentations of the economic landscape of Germany, there is still a lot about the country that remains undiscovered. If you plan on touring the country  then chances are you are stuck on what places to go to and what you can do while there. […]

Is it Better to Choose what Makes you Money or what you Love?

Business Decision_making The age-old dilemma of choosing between a career that brings financial success and one that aligns with your passions is a decision that many individuals face. On one hand, pursuing a path solely for monetary gain can provide financial stability and security. On the other hand, following your passion may bring fulfillment and […]

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