Get Paid $70,420 to Smoke as a Full-Time Job

Custom Cones USA will pay the lucky candidates $70,420 for what they call ‘the ultimate stoner dream job’. Besides being paid $70,420 every year to smoke weed and post on social media, the lucky candidates will receive free Daysavers products to smoke, for instance, grinders, pre-roll cones, and blunt tubes. Custom Cones USA is making an effort to promote their new brand, DaySavers. Custom Cones USA is a company that specializes in custom pre-rolled cones, specialty pre-rolled cones, and designer pre-rolled cones, among others. To be eligible for this job, you must be a smoker and a content creator, posting content on TikTok, blogs, and Instagram photos. The company is looking to hire candidates to create social media content and promote their products on a full-time basis. If you are a content creator and do not mind smoking marijuana, you are more than welcome to apply. Successful candidates will be flown to Daysavers headquarters in the Pacific Northwest and experience major trade shows in Las Vegas, New York, and Chicago. Let’s just say you will experience all the major cities in America. You will have the golden opportunity to attend the trade shows every year and network with the high and mighty. You are required to be 21 years old or older to apply for this job. Everyone is encouraged to apply; even if you do not get the job, there will be various freelance offers available for you. Also, you will get highly discounted products and part-time jobs. If interested, apply here. Kindly note, that this post is not intended to make or encourage anyone to smoke. If you choose to take up this opportunity, you will have made an independent decision. We have shared an actual opportunity and what you do with it is your full responsibility. Best wishes!

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