A Kenyan Asylum Seeker Dies in Canada: The Truth

Shock as a Kenyan asylum seeker dies in Canada three days after landing. As parents, all we ever want is the best for our children. We will go the extra mile, do what we thought was impossible, risk our own lives for the sake of our children. When your child is winning, you are winning too. In this blog, we talk about the Kenyan lady by the name Delphina Ngigi who passed away in Canada. We also talk about what Delphina Ngigi could have done differently and probably save her life. Challenges while trying to leave Kenya Delphina Ngigi is a widow with children. After her husband passed on, she was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of her dad. Thereafter, she got an opportunity to travel to Canada for what we may say, its for the sake of her children. Delphina Ngigi got her paper work done and was ready to leave Kenya without her children. She went to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, went to Lufthansa to check in but Lufthansa officials refused to check her in without giving her a reason. Delphina Ngigi went back home and got a Delta ticket to fly to Canada. She packed her bags once again and travelled to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. The Delta staff told her that there are some policies which was not compliant with and they could not allow her to board the plane. Delphina Ngigi, for the second time went back home. She got another ticket and finally travelled to Canada. She contacted her family back home to let them know that she had landed safely. What happened next Delphina Ngigi arrived in Canada and went to Dunda Shelter. Dunda shelter is the same shelter where a Nigerian man died because of cold, not too long ago. Delphina Ngigi arrived at Dunda shelter at 1pm but unfortunately, she was not admitted until after 8 pm. She allegedly stayed in the cold for too long and ended up sleeping indoors but as bad luck may have it, she suffered a medical emergency. At this point, it was not clear if she had anything warm to cover herself with and if she slept on a bed or on the floor. Delphina Ngigi was taken to the hospital but unfortunately lost her life. What could have been done differently What happened to Delphina Ngigi was unfortunate and our hearts go back to her children and family. However, the moment she knew that she was ready to travel, she could have gotten a contact of someone who lives in Canada. Nowadays, technology has made it quiet easy for people to connect with each other across the globe. Strangers are most of the time, the best at giving a helping hand. With a contact of a person living in Canada, she could have communicated her intention to travel into the country and her situation. If she arrived in Canada and was having challenges like not having a place to sleep, she would then call this person who could have possibly taken her to his or her house. Even if the person did not welcome her to their home, they would most likely do something to help her, for instance, calling the authorities. If that was the case, there is a high chance that Delphina Ngigi would be alive today.

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