Schengen Possible Visa Interview Questions at the Embassy

Schengen Interview Questions  Going for your Schengen interview can seem scary. With a little preparation, you will be able to handle whatever is thrown your way without hesitation. Knowing what to expect will go a long way toward calming you. Before you get to the interview, it does help to familiarize yourself with some of […]

What countries are Schengen States? Find out Now

What countries are Schengen States? Border crossing can be a hassle since there is so much paperwork and requirements from different countries. To help reduce or entirely eliminate the hassle, most countries in Europe became part of the Schengen Area. Here is everything you need to know about it. What is the Schengen Agreement? The […]

Tips to Ensure Your Schengen Visa Interview Is Successful

Tips On Ensuring Your Schengen Visa Interview Is Successful on the first attempt Having a completed visa application form is not enough; you need to ensure you successfully complete your interview.  The interviewer might ask you a couple of questions to see if the information in your application form is true.  Failing the interview means […]

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