Tips on How you can Move to Germany | Types of Visas Available

How to successfully move to Germany with family

Germany is a country full of opportunities. Whether you want to come work, study or simply make it home, there are various ways for you to go about that. If you are looking for ways to move to Germany, chances are you have met so many different options that you are confused over what will work for you. To help you make the move seamless, here are some of the ways to go to Germany.


One thing you cannot ignore or bypass when it comes to moving to Germany is that you will need a visa. There are different visa options so let’s take a look at them all so you know what works best for you. 

Student visa

One of the easiest and most straightforward ways to move to Germany is through a student visa. As long as you have enough funds to provide for yourself and have a university that accepts your application, you can always move to Germany. There are also a couple of universities that might offer you scholarships for a post graduate program, which means you can move without needing  funds in your account.   The beauty of a student visa is that it lasts you the entirety of your program and you can always apply for a work visa if you get a job lined up. 

Language course visa

Even though this is almost similar to the student visa, there are minor differences. The language course visa works if you plan on taking a student visa but need time to learn the language first. It usually lasts you anywhere from three months to a year.

Tourist visa

A tourist visa is an easy way for you to go to Germany if you have no long term plans to stay. It gives you the chance to explore the country and their way of life. The visa is also known as the Schengen visa and is a requirement if you are not from Europe, Australia, US or Canada. 

Apart from allowing you tour Germany, you can also visit any family or friends that might be in the country. The only thing you need to remember is that the visa is only perfect for a short term stay. You also need to provide a travel itinerary, proof of accommodation and extensive health insurance.  You also have to provide proof of funds before you get the visa.

Business visa

 If you plan to go to Germany for a business meeting or workshop, then it is best to get a business visa.  You will need an invitation letter from the company or organization in Germany as well as proof of financial means and health insurance.  Without an invitation letter, you cannot get this visa so bear this in mind.

Job seekers visa

Germany has so many different job opportunities available for immigrants. If you are skilled and believe that your knowledge can help you build the German economy, then ensure that you check this visa out.  The one thing you need to ensure you have to successfully get this visa is the skills needed in the work population. Ensure you also check the job market to see which industry is in need of workers and whether you qualify.

Family reunification visa

Another visa that might come in handy for you is the family reunification visa. If your partner is in Germany, then you can relocate and become a citizen after a while. Ensure you have proof of a relationship as well as funds, as that determines whether or not you will get this visa.

Au pair visa

Are you young and full of adventure? Would you be interested in coming to Germany for the cultural exchange opportunities? The au pair visa is the perfect option for you. What this does is allow you to work with a host family in childcare as well as experience the culture that Germany has to offer. The opportunity is only available to a certain age group so keep this in mind. You also need to ensure that you can get a family that will actually be okay with hosting you, as this is a requirement for securing the visa.

EU Blue Card

If you are skilled worker living outside of the EU zone, then the EU blue card would be ideal for you. The card works if you get a job offer from a company that offers you a job.  The visa allows you to explore jobs that are in line with your educational communication and opens up a myriad of opportunities for you.

Basic requirements to get a Germany visa

Even though there are specific requirements when applying for a specific kind of visa, there are some requirements that cut across the board. Knowing what these are will help you when starting the application process. Here are some of the requirements when it comes to applying for a German visa.

  • Valid passport and passport pictures
  • Travel health insurance
  • Well completed application form
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Travel itinerary
  • Flight reservation

Once you have all these with you, ensure you complete and submit your application. You might also want to prepare for a consulate interview in case one is asked for. 

Tips on going to Germany

If you would like to go to Germany but have no idea how to do so, these few pointers will come in handy for you.

  • Define the purpose of your visit. The purpose of your visit will determine the visa you apply for as well as how much you will spend on it.
  • Check out visa requirements. Based on your purpose of visit, ensure you look up the visa and its requirements. It will make the visa application easy.
  • Have a budget. Visa and travel requirements can be costly. Ensure you find out how much you will need and have the funds with you. 
  • Plan for transport and accommodation. Once you have everything in place, ensure you have affordable yet quality transport and accommodation in Germany.

Visiting Germany will not only open your eyes to new opportunities but also give you a chance to explore a different culture. Ensure you do your research on what you can do in Germany within your visa as well, so you do not have it revoked.  The visas above are a great way for you to explore, work, study, or live in Germany.

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