Tips to Ensure Your Schengen Visa Interview Is Successful

Tips On Ensuring Your Schengen Visa Interview Is Successful on the first attempt

Having a completed visa application form is not enough; you need to ensure you successfully complete your interview.  The interviewer might ask you a couple of questions to see if the information in your application form is true.  Failing the interview means you will be denied a visa.  Here are a couple of tips that will come in handy when preparing for your Schengen visa interview.

Dress appropriately

 First impressions matter when it comes to a visa interview. While no one is asking you to come dressed for the office, you need to remember that this is not a casual affair. Dress up like you would for a formal interview, as that will give you the confidence to attend the interview.

Know your case

One thing you need to remember is that all the answers to your questions will come from the application forms.  Take your time and familiarize yourself with whatever information you put in the forms.  Be ready to answer question about the purpose of your visit, your itinerary, and if you have any ties to your country. All these will show that you are honest with your intention to travel.

Tell the truth

Never lie on your application forms or in your interview. The officials are thorough when going through your forms and will easily pick up any inconsistencies. Telling the truth means you do not have to remember any details on your forms.

Carry the right documents

Ensure you have all your documents in order before the day of the interview, since you might be asked to produce them. Some of the documents you should always ensure you have are your passport, bank statements, and educational records.

Stay calm

During the interview, ensure you stay calm. It will help you listen better and answer the question the right way. 

Listen carefully

Before answering, listen to the question asked and understand it.  Doing this will help you answer the questions in the right way and give you a better chance of getting the visa.

Avoid over-explaining 

Many times, you might be tempted to over-explain yourself to the officials. Refrain from this and only answer what was asked. Over-explaining is sometimes considered to conceal the truth. Being straight to the point shows that you are sure of yourself and the information you gave out.

Act like you are okay with a rejection

While this is not something you want, no one wants a desperate person. Desperation often means you might not adhere to the stipulations for your visa.  Show the officials that, while you are eager to visit Schengen, you are okay with rejection either way.

 A visa interview can feel scary but it doesn’t have to be so. As long as you know your case well and have told the truth, you stand a high chance of getting the visa. The tips above will come in handy for you so try them out and all the best in your interview. 

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