Top Reasons Why you Should move to Germany Now

Reasons to move to Germany 

Currently, there are over 9 million foreigners living in Germany. If these numbers are anything to go by, then Germany is a place you should consider moving to. There is so much to do and see and you will find a home there. To help you get started on your moving process, here are some of the main reasons to move to Germany:

Thriving economy

One of the things that stands out about Germany is how well their economy is doing. They are not only an industry leader in Europe but globally as well. The German GDP has been stable for a while now and offers investors an opportunity to grow their business. Germany is also known for being in the forefront when it comes to groundbreaking industrialization. You can be sure that your investment will give you great returns in Germany. 

Job opportunities

Apart from a great economy, Germany has various job opportunities for immigrants and locals.  They have a great engineering industry, as well as a healthcare system that is considered one of the best in the world.  As such, if you are looking for a place to grow your career in these two industries, then you should think of Germany. There are also plenty of job opportunities in the IT sector. Most SMEs in Germany also have an opportunity to grow because of how good the economy is. With all these thriving areas, you are assured of getting a good job in whatever sector you are conversant with.

Excellent education system

If you plan to travel with children or are looking for a place to study, then you should consider the German school system. The country has world class universities like the University of Munich and the Humboldt University of Berlin that are renowned globally. The education system is also set up in such a way that public education is free and international students can access tuition free education as well.  Even though German is the official language, most schools are integrated and offer some of their lectures in English, which means even international students can get an education without a hassle.

Centrally placed in Europe

The location of Germany means you have access to so many opportunities. Since it is in central Europe, you can travel or do business across the continent.  There is a great flow and exchange of cultures between Germany and other countries, which mean you get to explore several experiences when you are in the country.  The transport network also means you can move around without a hassle and that comes in handy when you need to travel to other neighboring countries either for business or pleasure.

Quality living

Whether it is healthcare, transport or education, you can be sure you will get the most from your German experience. Germany is in the forefront when it comes to excellent living conditions for its people. Not only do you get to enjoy the quality infrastructure, but you can also enjoy the benefits of affordable healthcare, education and transport. 

The other perk of living Germany is that you also get to experience quality public service. The streets are safe and clean and there are excellently functioning municipal services.  The overall living conditions are elevated because of this.

Rich culture

The location of Germany is not only picturesque but also holds an amazing culture. Did you know that Germany has the highest number of castles still intact in Europe? That means you can go on a fairytale adventure without leaving Germany. Apart from being so rich in history, Germany also has a diverse arts and music culture with some world famous composers.  They also hold the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich, which has become a worldwide sensation. Even though Germany is known for sausages and beer, the cuisine goes beyond that. Every region has a specialty so ensure you get to try it when you are around.

Efficient transport system

One of the reasons why living in Germany is easy is the efficiency of their transport system. The entire system is designed to ensure that users get a seamless experience. Whether you choose to take the train, bus, or tram, you can rest assured that you will get everywhere on time.  All these systems run on a tight schedule and if there are any delays, you will be notified of them. The interconnected is also seamless so no matter how many different routes you need to take, you can do that without a hassle. The other thing you get with this transport system is inclusivity since it has been made accessible to people with disabilities as well. Germany’s transport system is designed to ensure that every citizen can move around without hassle.

Welcoming society

Since Germany has a diverse group of people living there, you can be sure you will get the best welcome there.  Germany is home to people from over 190 nations, which means that you can always find home no matter where you are from. There are also various integration programs that make it easy for anyone new to fit in without struggling.  The community support is immense since everyone looks out for each other. You will definitely be making friends in no time and have a community around you that will show you how to integrate into society.

Good work-life balance

 Even though Germany has a busy work environment, they also prioritize rest and recreation. Most workplaces have enough vacation days that you can take advantage of. New mothers also get 14 weeks off to ensure that their children are cared for before resuming work. The work culture is focused efficacy instead of putting in more hours at work. With this, employees get to have time off for other pursuits.

Are you thinking of moving to Germany? Then what are you waiting for?  Germany is a vibrant country full of culture and opportunities that you can enjoy while there.   If you were conflicted about moving here, then I hope this article is the push you need. Check out what opportunities you can take advantage of and make that move today!    

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