Top Seven Reasons why People are Leaving Germany

Reasons why people are leaving Germany

If you plan on moving to Germany, then you might be surprised to learn that people are moving away from the country. Knowing the reasons behind the move should not scare you but rather help you figure out how to thrive in the country. Here are some of the main reasons why people are leaving Germany.

Cost of living

Despite having a thriving economy, Germany is one of the places where the cost of living is high. Food, accommodation and other amenities can take away from whatever you are earning. As such, if you are in a low-income household, then things will get a bit tight every other month. Most people, locals and expats alike, are looking to move to areas with better costs of living.

Low pension

Coupled with the high cost of living, most senior citizens find that their pension money cannot sustain them in Germany. As such, the older generation is moving from Germany to go to other countries where they can enjoy their pension in peace.

Harsh climate

Most expats are not used to German weather. The rain, snow, and cold can be depressing to deal with, especially if you come from the tropics. As such, more expats leave the country for warmer climate during winter.  If you can brave the German winters, then you will definitely thrive in the country.

Tax rates

 Studies show that Germany and Austria pay some of the highest taxes in the world. While these taxes have helped make the systems in the country work, they can be a big dent to your paycheck. Being childless in Germany often means one will pay more taxes than other people, which can be disheartening. Tax havens like Dubai have become more popular in recent years.

Career growth

Another reason people move from Germany is to grow their careers. If you are in the technological industry, then you might want to go to countries where there is opportunity for growth and advancement. Countries like Norway have more women in managerial positions than Germany, which makes one want to move there.

Language barrier

 Even though most parts of Germany integrate the English language into conversations, socializing mostly happens in Germany. If you are a foreigner and have a difficult time learning the language, then you might find it hard to integrate. Needing a translator or struggling to follow through a conversation can be alienating. Most expats prefer to move to a place where people speak in English or the language they are used to.

New life experiences

If you have the wanderlust bug, then no matter how good a place is, you will never really settle. If you are seeking new adventures, then it is just a matter of time before you leave Germany and head somewhere else. Some people who move from Germany do so for the experience. Getting to live in a different place with different cultures can be eye opening and exciting at the same time.

If you are planning to move to Germany, then the reasons above should not scare you. There are plenty of opportunities to be taken advantage of. There is also the adventure of being in a place with a unique system. Make the call today and see just how much fun you will have in Germany.

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