What you Should Know before Visiting Germany

Things to know before you visit Germany

Germany is a great country to visit for work or pleasure.  If you have never been here, then chances are you have no idea what to expect. Not knowing can be daunting and have a negative impact on your overall perception of the country. To ensure your first time is memorable, here are a couple of things you need to know before you visit Germany.

Cash is king

Even though most people take card as payment in most places, that is not the case in Germany.  Most establishments prefer cash and none would even take a credit card. To ensure you have an easy time accessing most places, it is recommended you carry cash with you. It will make you blend in well with locals and ensure you do not get stuck with payments.

Public transport etiquette

If there is one thing Germans do best, it is respect each other’s space. The culture can be seen in how they behave on public transportation. To ensure you fit in, always make a line, stay seated and avoid loud conversations while in transit. Germans are serious about their public transport law and failure to adhere to the rules might lead to you paying a hefty fine.

Book tickets in advance

Talking about public transport, we recommend booking your tickets in advance. Not only are these cheaper but they also help you plan your time better. Most people use public transport so it helps if you book before getting there. Also, ensure you have your ticket with you at all times in case it needs to be scanned.

Germans keep time

When it comes to keeping time, Germans are good at that. If you have an appointment, whether casual or official, ensure you get there on time. It will leave a good impression with whoever you are meeting.  There is no excuse for traffic, either. Ensure you are there on time.

Learn the language

While most major cities try to integrate English as a language, most of the people living Germany speak German. To get the best experience from your visit, it helps if you learn the language too. You do not have to learn everything but knowing enough so you can go about your day will help.

You will pay for the restroom

It might come as a shock to you but public toilets are not free to use. The price might be as low as 50 cents and go up to a euro per person.  It helps to carry money around you since you never know when you might need to go!

Never ask for tap water at a restaurant

No, there is nothing wrong with the tap water in Germany. Most restaurants will sell you bottled still water. If you do insist on tap water, then rest assured that it will not be free. Asking for tap water is considered faux pas and will have people staring so avoid it altogether.


Germany is big on recycling and will give you a little money to do that. There are various recycling stops at the grocery store and you get paid from 25 cents to recycle. So instead of littering, ensure you recycle. It’s good for the environment, and you make money out of it too. 

It’s not rudeness, it’s the German way

Germans tend to be very direct and skip the pleasantries. As such, their frankness can be mistaken for rudeness.  It might seem aggressive at first but you get used to it and appreciate this way of interacting after a while.

With these pointers in mind, you are ready to have the ultimate German experience.  Plan your trip today and see just how much this amazing country has to offer!

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